Crypto Millionaire Frog? How A $27 Investment in Pepe Coin Made $3.8M

Crypto Millionaire Frog? How A $27 Investment in Pepe Coin Made $3.8M

• Pepe Coin, the Pepe the Frog-themed meme coin, made near instant millionaires due to early investments.
• The market cap of $PEPE token hit an enormous $1.8 billion at its peak in early May.
• has scoped out a new small-cap meme coin gem: Mr Hankey Coin.

Pepe Coin – A “Meme” Crypto Currency

Pepe Coin is a Pepe the Frog-themed meme coin that exploded back in April and made near instant millionaires with small initial investments. At its peak in early May, its market cap hit an enormous $1.8 billion and these tokens would have been worth close to $10 million. As of now, it’s valued at a bloated market capitalization of over $600 million and trading around $0.0000015.

One Wallet Making Almost One Million Dollars

A Twitter user going by the name of lyx.eth highlighted back in April how one wallet beginning with 0xAf235 made nearly $1 million at the time with a minuscule initial investment of just 27 dollars in PepeCoin (PEPE). These 2.5 trillion tokens are now worth a cool 3.8 million dollars as per EtherScan data which can be verified here .

Mr Hankey Coin – An Alternative Meme Coin To Consider

Crypto analysts at Cryptonews have identified a new small-cap meme coin gem that could end up being one of the most exciting shitcoins of 2023 – Mr Hankey Coin, themed on South Park’s Mr Hankey character, a sentient, jolly piece of feces and cartoon’s former Christmas deity.. It has already gained popularity on social media platforms like Twitter (over 5,600 followers) while the project’s Telegram is fast approaching 1,000 members ahead of its stealth presale launch this Thursday where 40% (1 billion) token supply will be available for sale for raising 500K USD valuing each token at just 1.25M USD giving enough room for possible pump..

Mr Hankey Token Lock Mechanism

The project has pledged to lock 40% of the token supply into Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity ensuring immediate liquidity for traders when it launches on Uniswap or similar DEXs later this year . This will attract more speculators and traders thus increasing demand and value further once it hits exchanges creating more buzz about it across social media networks leading to greater increase in prices and potentially making many people millionaires overnight if they invest wisely in this risky asset class which is extremely volatile but has high reward potential too given right conditions are met .


In conclusion , despite PepeCoin’s current decline from its all time highs , there may still be some potential profit opportunities if investors know what they are doing but also caution should be taken while investing as crypto markets are highly volatile and unpredictable so do your own research before investing any amount ! On another hand , Mr Hankey Coin looks like promising opportunity with limited availability during pre-sale providing potential pent up demand along with DEX liquidity lock mechanism that could lead to huge rewards if all goes well !