Hamas Stops Crypto Donations, Canadian Police Issue Warnings After $7.5M Scam

Hamas Stops Crypto Donations, Canadian Police Issue Warnings After $7.5M Scam

Crypto News Roundup


• Binance is set to begin operations in the Japanese market.
• A study found that millennials are the dominant group of crypto enthusiasts.
• Canadian police issue warnings after a $7.5M scam and Hamas stops crypto donations.

Crypto News Roundup

Binance To Begin Japan Operations

Binance is set to begin operations in the Japanese market, according to a notice published on Friday. The major exchange acquired regulated Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC) last year. Therefore, per the notice, the existing services on SEBC will be terminated on May 31, while a new service under the tentative name “Binance Japan” will launch after June 2023.

Millennials Are Dominant Crypto Enthusiast Group

Bitget released an extensive study on the relationship between demographic changes and cryptocurrency adoption rates among different generations, finding that: millennials are the dominant group of crypto enthusiasts, comprising 46% of respondents;the representation of different groups by government regulators can determine the likelihood of crypto-favorable social changes; by the beginning of the next decade, demographic processes may lead to a dramatic shift towards increased acceptance of crypto; statistics indicate uneven use of digital assets among different age groups; each successive generation is more eager for their representatives in power to have a similar interest in regulating blockchain assets; chances of growth in acceptance of crypto in coming years are very high.

Canadian Police Issue Warnings After $7.5M Scam

A Canadian senior was scammed out of more than $7.5 million dollars in a cryptocurrency ruse, prompting police to issue warnings about cryptocurrency-based fraud schemes. Police said that con lasted several months and included victim being scammed out of money both in original fraud and then by someone claiming they could help get her money back – case still under investigation.

Hamas Stops Crypto Donations

The military arm of Palestinian militant group Hamas will stop accepting donations in bitcoin (BTC), Shehab reported citing message posted to Telegram group – post said group would halt donations via BTC for “the safety & security” given legal issues facing virtual currencies within Palestinian territories – did not provide further details regarding these potential legal issues or elaborate on how halting BTC donations would promote safety & security within Palestine territories moving forward

This article has provided an overview into recent developments within the world’s biggest stories involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology today – from Binance’s decision to enter into Japanese markets through its acquisition Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC) last year to studies which have identified millennials as dominant group amongst crypto enthusiasts – as well as issuing warnings from Canadian police after $7.5M scam and announcement from Hamas stopping all future crypto donations due potential legal issues there remains plenty going on around this ever-developing industry which continues capture attention with its rapidly changing dynamics worldwide